Sunday, 6 July 2008

gcc 4.4 breaks boost

Hello! This is an update. As i have just realized, the version from the trunk breaks a few Boost 1.35 headers. This is due to the way the new GCC handles preprocessor symbols in #if and #elif. This new way is more standards conformant, however it breaks at least the boost headers.

Look here to read the details:

But don't panick, you can still use the boost library with GCC 4.4. You will have to patch it using the patch provided in the link. To do so, download the patch, cd into the include directory that contains the boost headers (a folder called boost), and apply the patch with the GNU patch utility.

Here are the commands for my machine:
# cd /usr/include
# patch -p0 < path_to_the_patchfile/patchboost-gcc-4.4.0-iteration-depth.patch

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